Investor Relations Products and Services

You can count on The Public Register to reliably deliver everything investors need to know about your company.
Here's what we offer:

Annual Report Service

Companies count on The Public Register to provide free annual reports to investors who request them. These public companies, trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTC and TSX exchanges, depend upon timely response times - and ours is unmatched. Orders are processed and mailed within 48 hours.

Investor Relations Mobile Apps

The evolution of the annual report, mobile apps are the future of Investor Relations. They can deliver everything a hard copy report delivers, but with functionality and features that foster real-time engagement between investors and companies. As social media rises in importance, having your own branded IR application is a must. The Public Register makes it easy.

IR Pulse streams the most complete, up-to-date picture of your company optimized for Android and iOS devices. This turnkey API approach includes access to stock prices, real-time press releases, reports, videos, even webcasts.

IR Show presents your investor meeting slide deck, annual report and live polling survey questions to your invited audience of analysts and investor conference attendees.

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